Cognitive and Behavioral Neurology Research

Research being conducted within the Division of Cognitive and Behavioral Neurology is comprised of two programs, the Center for Alzheimer Research and Treatment and the Laboratory of Healthy Cognitive Aging.

Center for Alzheimer Research and Treatment

The Center for Alzheimer Research and Treatment, under the direction of Dr. Reisa Sperling, is evaluating promising new treatments for Alzheimer's disease through several clinical trials. The Center is also studying ways to enable earlier diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease by employing more sensitive clinical evaluations, biological markers, and neuroimaging techniques.

Laboratory of Healthy Cognitive Aging

As increasing numbers of Americans are living to advanced ages, an understanding of what allows older adults to sustain meaningful levels of intellectual functioning and independence has become a major public health issue. The Laboratory of Healthy Cognitive Aging is investigating how information processing among cognitively successful older individuals differs from that of cognitively less successful ones. The laboratory is also actively investigating factors that promote cognitive health and neural plasticity in older adults.

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