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Pituitary Hormone Deficiency in Women

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The pituitary gland secretes a number of hormones that are used to regulate the function of the ovaries. For this reason a loss or a deficiency in one of the pituitary hormones can impact greatly impact women.


A deficiency in some of the pituitary hormones can be replaced with medications. Thyroid hormone can be replaced in thyroid hormone deficiencies, adrenal deficiencies can be treated with hydrocortisone, or cortisol replacements. And if a women loses reproductive function those can be replaced with estrogen/progesterone combinations. If fertility is an issue a neuroendocrinologist may work in conjunction with reproductive endocrinologists and OB/GYN to help fertility induction.

Oral Contraceptive Use

Oral contraceptives are often used in women who are not having normal cycles as a result of their neuroendocrine disease. These women are often also estrogen deficient, which is not good for their bones or women’s health in general. Oral contraceptives or other forms of estrogen and progesterone are often used to replace these hormones and help regulate the cycle if a women is of pre-menopausal age. These hormones are usually replaced until the age in which a woman would normally go through menopause when the medications would be stopped.

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