Current and Ongoing Projects


We apply both classical statistical techniques and machine learning algorithms to national healthcare databases and registries in order to answer a variety of questions concerning surgical outcomes. With the ongoing trend of new registries, large national databases will be a central tool in the future development of surgical outcomes research.

Machine Learning

Our goal is to track specific data on each disease entity in a prospective fashion, helping ourselves in this process with the use of automated capture from electronic health records and other large data techniques. We will then be in a position to apply data analytics to this effort to allow us to carry out studies and comparisons more efficiently and effectively, and to embark on resolving questions we previously did not have the ability to address.

Bio-Ethics Research

Ethics are an essential element of medicine and neurosurgery. CNOC explores ethical questions related to (organization of) care for neurosurgical patients, research in neurosurgery, and innovation in neurosurgery.

Cost Effectiveness

To provide value-based care, we will strive to support out interventions with evidence that they lead to improved outcomes while cutting down on inefficient healthcare expenditures.

Behavioral Research

To improve the health of populations by creating, testing, implementing, and advancing effective behavior-based interventions. Supported by research evidence, CNOC will strive to remove barriers to healthful behavior and facilitate pathways for improved standards of living over the life course.