For African Women’s Health Center Patients

Our mission is to holistically improve the health of all women who have undergone female genital cutting (FGC). We provides access, understanding, and community to women who have suffered long-term complications from this tradition and who seek access to improved reproductive health care. We speak numerous African languages and provide female interpreters when needed. Our goal is not only to provide a safe haven for circumcised women, but we ultimately hope to discuss methods of stopping this practice. We dedicate our time to educating American health providers here at Brigham and Women's Hospital and nationally on the cultural, health, and legal issues pertaining to the practice so that patients feel comfortable with the care they receive elsewhere.

From Our Patients

"Dr. Nour and her staff treated me with dignity and respect."

"When Dr. Nour operated on me, she was so kind and compassionate. I stopped being afraid. She performed miracles and made me feel whole again."

"Every month, I took the train from DC just to have Dr. Nour as my doctor."

"Dr. Nour made me understand what happened to me as a child and helped me accept the truth in a gentle and loving way."

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