Cord Blood Donation Eligibility

Who can donate cord blood with the Brigham and Women’s Hospital Cord Blood Donation Program?

Patients meeting our basic eligibility may have the opportunity to donate. We will make every attempt to collect cord blood, but enrollment may be deferred due to unexpected circumstances.

Eligibility guidelines for cord blood donation exist to help ensure that the strict quality standards of the FDA and Be The Match Registry are met.

We can only accept donations if you are:

  • Over 18 years old
  • Have no history of cancer
  • Generally in good health

Our Donation Coordinators will complete an in-depth medical history questionnaire with you to determine eligibility.

Can I donate if I am doing delayed cord clamping?

Yes! At BWH, delayed cord clamping is standard in all deliveries. If you desire to delay clamping over one minute, it may result in a lower volume cord blood collection. To ensure no cord blood is thrown away, researchers use low volume units to investigate how to better use cord blood in treating other diseases.

Am I eligible to donate if I’m having twins?

We cannot accept donations if you are having twins, however we can facilitate direct donation from twin births.

What other eligibility criteria must a cord blood unit meet to be added to the Be The Match® Registry?

To be listed on the Be The Match Registry, a cord blood unit must meet the following standards:

  • There must be enough cord blood collected, and a high enough stem cell count to facilitate a transplant
  • The mother’s medical history must meet the eligibility guidelines
  • The cord blood unit and the mother’s blood sample must show no signs of infection or other medical concerns

Is there any cost to me?


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