Family Planning Division

The Family Planning Division at Brigham and Women’s Hospital upholds a commitment to respecting women’s autonomy, including reproductive choice. We strive to improve the health of women and their families by providing family planning services that meet the highest standard of care to all patients in a non-judgmental, compassionate, supportive environment.

Providing each patient with the opportunity to make her own informed decisions is at the core of our family planning services. We respect and trust women and their families to make decisions that are right for them about whether to terminate a pregnancy and which contraceptive method to use. Our compassionate staff educates and supports patients through their decision-making while facilitating timely access to family planning services. We also support women who are facing miscarriage or pregnancy loss.

Our Family Planning Center is located within an academic medical center. This setting is especially helpful for patients who have complex medical issues that cannot be addressed at other outpatient clinics or whose needs may include general anesthesia.

In addition to providing clinical services, through our research we seek to continuously improve family planning care and ensure access to abortion. Through teaching and mentorship, including through our Family Planning Fellowship program, we train a future generation of physicians who are committed to reproductive choice and are skilled in providing high-quality, comprehensive care for the full range of gynecologic needs.

The Family Planning Division collaborates with Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts to care for complex patients, provide clinical training and conduct research.

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