Contact the Center for Infertility and Reproductive Surgery

Please use the below contact list to coordinate an appointment or to speak with the practice.

BWH Contact Information

Main phone line: (617) 732-4222; new patients select option #1.

The main line is answered Monday – Friday from 8:30 a.m. – 4 p.m. by our practice scheduling staff. After your first appointment, we invite you to refer to the below contact information to get in touch with your care team. Please call the main phone line to schedule all appointments, procedures, and follow-up visits; any scheduler may assist you with this scheduling.

Satellite Contact Information

For patients being seen at one of our satellite locations, please call the satellite directly, except in case of emergency.

Newton-Wellesley Hospital: Appointments (617) 243-5200; Nursing (617) 243-5208

Exeter Hospital: (603) 773-6973

Harbor Medical - Brigham and Women's Braintree: (781) 930-0653

Brigham Health and Brigham and Women's/
Mass General Health Care Centers at Foxborough: (617) 732-4222

BWH Care Teams

Each care team listed is for existing patients. Nursing phone line hours are 6:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.

Dr. Raymond Anchan
Nurse: 617-525-3504
Insurance Benefits Coordinator: 781-416-8636

Dr. Rachel Ashby
Nurse: 617-732-4340
Insurance Benefits Coordinator: 781-416-8575

Dr. Robert Barbieri
Nurse: 617-732-7046

Dr. Janis Fox
Nurse: 617-732-7659
Insurance Benefits Coordinator: 781-416-8577

Dr. Elizabeth Ginsburg
Nurse: 617-732-7753
Insurance Benefits Coordinator: 781-416-8636

Dr. Mark Hornstein
Nurse: 617-732-5520
Insurance Benefits Coordinator: 781-416-8580

Dr. Kimberly Keefe Smith
Nurse: 617-732-4855
Insurance Benefits Coordinator: 781-416-8575

Dr. Marc Laufer
Nurse: 617-732-5114

Dr. Serene Srouji
Nurse: 617-732-5114
Insurance Benefits Coordinator: 781-416-8580

Dr. Brian Walsh
Nurse: 617-732-5520
Insurance Benefits Coordinator: 781-416-8579

Dr. Elena Yanushpolsky
Nurse: 617-732-7046
Insurance Benefits Coordinator: 781-416-8577

Egg Donor & Gestational Carrier Program
Administrative Assistant: 617-732-7907
Physician Assistant: Allison Ruhe, PA-C 617-732-4863
Insurance Coordinator: Christina Francis 781-416-8576

Fertility Preservation Program
Nurse Coordinator: Tricia Kennedy, RN 617-732-5680
Administrative Coordinator: 781-416-8576

Eligibility/Benefits Coordinator: 617-732-7708

Managed Care Manager: Rachel Deangelis 617-732-7563

Practice Manager: Charlotte Heroux 617-732-5672

Nurse Manager: Isabel Block 617- 525-3439

Nursing Director: Stephanie Eleyi, BSN, RN 617-732-5762


Please call (617) 582-1341 and follow the system prompts to reach the desired person for your inquiry.

Ultrasound Information

Patients from the Center for Infertility and Reproductive Surgery (CIRS) should arrive in the morning in the ultrasound reception area on L1 at designated appointment time.

For some patients, it may be more convenient to visit one of our offsite offices (850 Boylston Street in Chestnut Hill or Patriot’s Place in Foxborough). If this the case, please contact your nurse to arrange this.

After Hour Calls for Emergencies

BWH Page Operator: (617) 732-6660, pager #: 32626 to page the F&E Fellow on-call
BWH Main Line: (617) 732-5500

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