Women's Sports Medicine Research

Dr. Elizabeth Matzkin, Surgical Director of the Women’s Sports Medicine program is involved in a robust research program with primary research interests including the female athlete triad, musculoskeletal education, treatment outcomes and quality improvement. The studies below are examples of ongoing research studies:

Ongoing Research Studies

SOS (Surgical Outcome System)

The OrthoIllustrated Surgical Outcome System is a web-based solution that enables surgeons to easily combine patient demographics and surgical information with patient-reported clinical outcome data collected online using validated health questionnaires. Surgical patients are notified via e-mail at predefined time points and asked to submit health questions online to a central registry. Once submitted, surgeons can track the survey results online and compare them against specified averages. To help visualize the results and findings, the system provides a graphical representation of the scores with the option to configure custom reports based on variable selection such as age, gender, etc. It is also possible to compare the results between different devices and/or techniques. For more information about adding SOS, please visit www.orthoillustrated.com.

The Effectiveness and Duration of Corticosteroid Injection Relief in Rotator Cuff Tendinitis

Elizabeth Matzkin, MD is recruiting patients 35 years and older with a diagnosis of rotator cuff tendinitis that are receiving a corticosteroid injection for pain relief and functional improvement. While these injections are given routinely to reduce inflammation and provide pain relief to patients, there is not ample data in the literature to show how long these injections work to relieve symptoms. Patients will be followed for one year in this study to whether the injection provides continued pain relief in conjunction with physical therapy visits.

Efficacy of Short Term Intra-Articular Corticosteroids in Patients with Symptomatic Osteoarthritis

Elizabeth Matzkin, MD and Eric Smith, MD (Tufts School of Medicine) are currently collaborating on a study with ongoing patient recruitment investigating the duration of pain relief for patients with osteoarthritis receiving an intra-articular corticosteroid injection. As part of the committee for the Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeon’s Clinical Practice Guidelines, Dr. Matzkin found that use of intra-articular corticosteroid injections for osteoarthritis does not have substantial evidence in the literature to support or refute their use. For more information visit the AAOS website.

Rotator Cuff Outcomes Workgroup (ROW)

Nitin Jain, MD, Elizabeth Matzkin, MD and Jon J.P. Warner, MD are collaborating on a multi-year prospective study called the Rotator Cuff Outcomes Workgroup about the clinical diagnosis and management of rotator cuff tears. Approximately 250 patients are currently enrolled with a target enrollment of 400 patients. The diagnosis component focuses on sensitivity and specificity of clinical shoulder exams in confirming rotator cuff tear prior to imaging studies. The second aim is to assess the outcomes of surgical treatment versus conservative management.

For more information about ongoing research projects, please contact Dr. Matzkin’s research assistant, Jillian Mazzocca at jmazzocca@bwh.harvard.edu or 617-525-8500.

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