Why should I refer my patient to the Osher Clinical Center?

Highly Skilled Staff

Every one of our providers is extensively qualified in his or her specialty and has been vetted by industry leaders in his or her field. The following links provide additional information regarding our acupuncture, chiropractic, and therapeutic massage services, and our staff bios give in-depth details on all of our licensed providers.


Every week our providers meet to discuss complex patient cases. These inter-disciplinary meetings allow providers to run their ideas past members of their discipline as well as any other providers who might have some insights into a given situation. These meetings focus on case management with insights from the latest research related to our fields, all of which work toward our mission of advancing both patient health and the knowledge base of our field.

Mass General Brigham’s Electronic Medical Record System (EPIC)

Your patients will benefit from the seamless experience afforded by the Mass General Brigham organization’s advanced Electronic Medical Record System. This system, which is shared by all of the Mass General Brigham affiliates, allows for each component of your patient's care at the Osher Clinical Center to be documented digitally and made available to you at your request. It also allows our medical director and clinicians to take a much more in-depth look at your patient’s medical history, avoiding much of the red tape that can be involved in obtaining medical records and expediting our providers’ understanding of your patient’s specific needs.

Keeping Pace with Science

The research happening within the Osher Center for Integrative Medicine enables us to keep abreast of the latest research related to what we do. This allows us to serve as an incubator for numerous research projects conducted by our Harvard Medical School fellows. In turn, we are better able to serve the scientific community, but, most importantly, it enables us to continuously refine our unique approach to health care with fresh ideas as we seek to do everything in our power to better serve our patients.

Facilitating the Open Flow of Communication among Providers

We believe it is important to maintain communication with all of the providers involved in a patient’s care. For this reason, we are very careful to keep patients’ PCPs, and any other providers concerned, up to date on patient progress. We are also happy to hear from those providers about any suggestions or concerns they may have. Ultimately, we seek to use all information available to ensure that the patient receives the best care possible, whether at our clinic or yours, and our positioning in such a well-established institution as Brigham and Women’s Hospital helps make this goal a reality.

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