Yoga at the Osher Clinical Center

The Osher Clinical Center (OCC) offers Hatha Yoga instruction both individually and in small group classes. Classes emphasize health awareness using gentle movements, breathing, and relaxation. These classes present hatha yoga as a practice for each student to learn how to directly optimize his/her innate ability to feel better--for finding solutions within, rather than to wait for them to be delivered from outside ourselves. Good yoga practice allows us to use natural movements to safely release tension, expand and sharpen our self-awareness, and learn about ourselves.

Yoga is suitable for everyone, and may be a good choice for people who have either injured themselves in other class settings, or for those who have concerns that yoga is too strenuous, physically-challenging, or inappropriate due to pre-existing medical condition(s). For example, regular practice of yoga can be an excellent way to both minimize and prevent back pain episodes, falls caused by poor balance, or work-related musculo-skeletal pain.

Our instructor, Tom Jacobson, LMT, has over 20 years of experience teaching hatha yoga and healthy movement. He is a staff Massage Therapist at the Osher Clinical Center.

Course Information and Schedule:

$25 per Class (75 minutes)

Classes are held Tuesday afternoons* from 1:15pm-2:30pm at the Osher Clinical Center, 850 Boylston Street, Suite 422.

When attending class, please check in via the front desk of Suite 422.

*Class times and schedules are subject to change

To register or find out additional information, please call us at (617) 732-9700.


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