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Department of Pathology

Pathology Administration Contact List

Please refer to the list below for contact information for these individuals.

Clinical Operations

  • Operational, safety, and regulatory issues in laboratories and offices
  • (Anatomic Pathology): Delia Liepins
  • (Clinical Labs): Ellen Goonan


  • Questions about purchase requisitions, purchase orders, research grant expenditure reports: Liz Potts
  • Other questions about grant preparation, post-award grant management, budgeting, financial planning, research staff and fellow payroll and benefit issues: Mary LoGiudice-Croce
  • Research program planning and development, space utilization: Elissa Simon-Morrissey
  • Space utilization and facility planning: Elissa Simon-Morrissey

Human Resources

  • Weekly-paid staff payroll and benefits issues, merit reviews, new and replacement position postings, recruitment, medical and other leaves, and other personnel issues (Anatomic Pathology): Cathy Quade
  • (Clinical Labs): Ellen Goonan
  • Monthly-paid staff payroll and benefits issues: Cathy Quade
  • Visas: Katherine Conroy
  • Harvard Appointments: Sue Marone
  • Provider Services Credentialing: Katherine Conroy


  • Purchasing for clinical laboratories (capital and supply purchases), hospital operating budget questions, financial aspects of new test development: Cathy Quade
  • Professional allowances, reimbursement for professional expenses, BWPO and BWH discretionary funds, other BWPO and Brigham Pathology R&E Foundation financial questions: Cathy Quade
  • Reimbursement for personal consultation activity: Cathy Quade
  • Harvard Medical School and HST core course teaching payments, continuing medical education course payments: Mary LoGiudice-Croce


  • Technical and professional billing coding questions, compliance training: Elizabeth Pacheco
  • Other compliance questions: Elizabeth Pacheco

Quality Assurance and Regulatory Compliance:

  • Quality Assurance and Regulatory Compliance questions: Pamela J. Wakefield

Information Technology:

  • PowerPath or BICS issues: Shadan Shafieha
  • Clinical Lab issues and instrument Interfaces: Lab Informatics and Information Technology
  • Hardware: computer performance problems (non-Mass General Brigham workstations): Lab Informatics and Information Technology
  • Software: PC's (non-Mass General Brigham workstations), Mac's: Lab Informatics and Information Technology
  • Database application design and management reports requests: Shadan Shafieha
  • Note: questions regarding Mass General Brigham workstations should first be directed to the Computer Help Desk at (617) 732-5927. If problems persist: Lab Informatics and Information Technology
  • Web development: Sue Marone

Other Miscellaneous Administrative Areas:

  • ID badges, keys, etc. for new employees (Anatomic Pathology): Kevin McGraw
  • Engineering work orders, clinical facility repairs: Kevin McGraw
  • BICS computer keys: Shadan Shafieha

Katherine Conroy
(617) 525-7962

Ellen Goonan
(617) 732-6245

Delia Liepins
(617) 278-0431

Mary LoGiudice-Croce
(617) 525-7969

Donna Martin
(617) 525-7963

Sue Marone
(617) 732-7514

Kevin McGraw
(617) 525-7992

Elizabeth Pacheco
(617) 525-7965

Lizabeth Potts
(617) 525-7964

Cathy Quade
(617) 525-7966

Shadan Shafieha
(617) 278-0543

Tracy Simmons
(617) 525-6698

Elissa Simon-Morrissey
(617) 525-4332

Pamela Wakefield
(617) 732-7183

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