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Circulating Tumor Cell Laboratory

The Brigham and Women's Hospital Circulating Tumor Cell Laboratory was established in 2005 by Dr. Edmund Cibas, Director of the Cytopathology Division, to provide circulating tumor cell (CTC) services using the CellSearch platform to the research community. In early 2013 the lab relocated to a CLIA-approved space within the Cytopathology Division. In addition to continuing to provide research services, the lab began providing clinical CTC services to the greater New England area in 2013. The CTC Lab provides clinical enumeration of CTCs for patients with metastatic breast, metastatic colorectal and metastatic prostate cancer using the FDA-approved CellSearch System. It also functions as the Brigham and Women's Hospital CTC Core Lab providing enumeration and isolation of CTC for research purposes.


Contact Information

Contact Information
Alarice C. Lowe, MD, Laboratory Director
Phone: 617-732-6797


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