Blood Donation Eligibility

In general, to donate blood, you should be:

  • At least 17 years old
  • 110 pounds or heavier
  • In good health

And you should not:

  • Be pregnant or trying to become pregnant
  • Have had a dental procedure, including a routine cleaning, within 48 hours of donating
  • Have traveled to a malaria-risk country
  • Have felt sick within 72 of your donation appointment
  • Have AIDS or have ever had a positive HIV test
  • Have used needles to take any drugs not prescribed by your doctor IN THE PAST 3 MONTHS
  • Have taken money, drugs, or other payment for sex IN THE PAST 3 MONTHS
  • Have had sexual contact IN THE PAST 3 MONTHS with anyone described above
  • Have taken any medication to prevent HIV infection by mouth IN THE PAST 3 MONTHS. (These medications may be known by you under the following names: PrEP, PEP, Truvada, or Descovy)
  • Have taken an injection or shot to prevent HIV infection IN THE PAST 2 YEARS
  • Have EVER taken any medication to treat HIV infection

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