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What to Expect: Platelet Donation

The exact time varies from donor to donor, but in general, you should plan on spending about two hours at your platelet donation appointment. What you can expect is:

  • When you check in, you will be asked for your photo ID. Then, you will complete a confidential questionnaire about your medical and travel history.
  • Next, you will go into a private screening room to go over your questionnaire.
  • You will then have a mini-check-up (including taking your temperature and blood pressure) to confirm that you are eligible to donate that day.
  • You will then move to a comfortable, heated chair in our main donation area.
  • For your platelet donation, a single-use kit is used and disposed of after the collection process.
  • During the collection process, platelets are separated and your red cells and plasma are gently returned to you.
  • The donation process itself takes about 90 minutes. You will be able to lay back and relax, read a book or magazine, watch a TV show or movie from our multimedia library on a personal TV screen, or surf the Internet with our free WiFi.
  • After the donation is complete, you will be asked to remain in the Kraft Center for a few minutes and enjoy snacks and drinks.

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