Evidence-based Patient-centered Medicine

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“Evidence-based medicine” relies on high-quality research published in the medical literature (the evidence.) It emphasizes the use of scientific findings from randomized controlled trials—the gold standard in clinical trials—to improve care, and encourages clinicians to rely on this evidence when practicing medicine.

Applying evidence-based medicine can have lifesaving implications. One example involves the care provided after a heart attack. For many years, physicians prescribed an antiarrhythmic drug based on the belief that suppressing even a mild aberrant rhythm would reduce the risk of death for patients who had suffered a heart attack. This practice was accepted as good medical care and continued until the late 1980s when a randomized controlled trial demonstrated that not only did antiarrhythmic drugs not improve survival after a heart attack, these drugs actually had a negative impact on survival.

Evidence-based medicine applies to preventive medicine too. In the Executive Health Program, we are up to date with the latest evidence-based guidelines related to health screenings. After assessing your medical history and consulting with you, we can recommend a physical that incorporates the most current scientific evidence, and we will never recommend unnecessary tests.

This is our approach to providing patient-centered treatment designed to optimize health and well-being.


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