Recovering from Day Surgery

When the surgery is over, you will emerge from the operating room where you will be met by your nurse and the nursing assistant. If you are experiencing any discomfort, your nurse can get you something for pain, nausea, or can help reposition you. You will rest here until you are ready to sit up in the recliner chair.

In phase two of your recovery, you will sit in the recliner chair, have something to eat and drink, and we will call for your family members to sit by your side.

Patients usually spend between one and four hours in the Recovery Area, depending on the operation and the type of anesthesia used.

Important Point

Please keep in mind that recovery time varies from patient to patient, so it may be an hour or more until your family can visit you.

Before Discharge

Prior to discharge, your nurse will explain your discharge instructions and answer any questions you may have; you will also receive a written copy of these instructions. At this point you will need someone who is going to be able to drive you home. You cannot, because of the anesthesia, drive yourself home.

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