Integrative Care Therapies for Inpatients


Reiki is a form of energy healing that helps the body use its own ability to balance itself. It is a noninvasive practice that helps you relax and decreases stress, anxiety and pain.

Brigham and Women’s Hospital Reiki practitioners are volunteers who have been certified through the Integrative Care Program in the Department of Nursing. Reiki practitioners support a comforting environment for patients and their families that respect their individual experiences and is an approved therapy by the Massachusetts Board of Registration in Nursing. To schedule a free Reiki session, please have your nurse page 7-7777 or email the Reiki program coordinator.

Live Therapeutic Harp Music

Live therapeutic harp music improves mood, eases the delivery process of the laboring mother, facilitates the transition process for the end of life, relieves anxiety in the critically ill, assists in lowering blood pressure, increases oxygenation, and accelerates the healing process in post-surgical and injured patients.

The harpist presents a live experience of healing music which creates a much greater benefit to patients than recorded music, due to the full spectrum of acoustic sound vibrations provided. For information, please call the Integrative Care Program at (617) 732-4819 or email the program manager.


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