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Dietetic Internship Curriculum 2021-2022

Brigham and Women's Dietetic Internship Rotations

  • Orientation (Total of 1 week)
  • Clinical Rotations in the Inpatient Setting (Total of 18 weeks)
    • General Medicine (3)
    • General Surgery (3)
    • Hematology/Oncology (3)
    • Renal/Dialysis/Transplant (1)
    • Intensive Care (3)
    • Senior Staff Experience/Staff Relief (5)
  • Clinical Nutrition Independent Study (Total of 3 weeks)
  • Specialty Rotations (Total of 12 weeks)
    • Dana Farber Cancer Institute (5)
    • Pediatrics/Boston Children’s Hospital (2)
    • Research (1)
    • Bariatric Surgery (2)
    • Special Rotation of Your Choice (1)
  • Food Service Management (Total of 4 weeks)
    • Purchasing
    • Tower Food Service and Patient Catering
    • Food Service Production and Distribution
    • Catering/Cafeteria
  • Ambulatory Service / Community Rotation (Total of 7 weeks)
    • BWH Nutrition and Wellness Service (including Obstetrics) (5)
    • WIC/DPH/Sustainable Food Systems (2)
    • LTC/Rehab/Community (1)
  • Business Plan (1 week)
  • Vacation (1 week)

Other Assignments/Requirements during internship:

  1. Case Study Presentation
  2. Public Policy Letter (usually due in winter/early spring)
  3. Professional Development Portfolio and Goal Wizard (usually due in early summer)
  4. Rotation projects usually due during the scheduled rotation

47 Week program (45 weeks or approximately 1450 hours of supervised practice experience, minus orientation and vacation weeks)

Please note the curriculum is continually evaluated throughout the year and adjustments may be made in order to continue to meet certain criteria and competencies as directed by the Accreditation Council for Education in Nutrition and Dietetics (ACEND).


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