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Bringing Your Voice to Brigham and Women’s Hospital

Our Mission

One of the ways that we engage with our patients is through our Patient/Family Advisory Councils (PFACs). Our PFACs work in partnership with leadership and clinical staff of Brigham and Women’s Hospital (BWH) to create an environment of patient and family-centered care across the entire institution. Our philosophy is grounded on the belief that mutually beneficial partnerships among patients, families, and healthcare professionals are essential to assuring the quality and safety of healthcare. Our advisory councils strive to provide ongoing opportunities to hear the voice, experiences, and perspectives of patients and their families.

What is a Patient/Family Advisor?

A patient/family advisor is a volunteer who:

  • Has received care or had a family member receive care at Brigham and Women’s Hospital within the past two years,
  • Can commit to the meeting schedule specified by the advisory council they’re joining for at least a year,
  • Is eager to make meaningful, positive improvements to all the processes that affect all patients and their families.

What do Patient/Family Advisors Do?

Our BWH PFACs include patients, family members, and staff. Currently, we have nine active PFACs branching across several service lines. Our advisors meet regularly to provide input on hospital policies, care practices, and patient education materials. Our PFAC advisors partner with leadership and staff to improve the patient and family experience.

Most of our advisors are members of an ongoing PFAC, but there are many ways advisors can be involved. Advisors help us improve care at BWH in a variety of ways, including:

  • Providing feedback by email/phone on a variety of topics (E-Advising)
  • Sharing their stories with staff members, hospital leaders, and physicians,
  • Participating in focus groups and research projects, and
  • Participating in staff training and education.

Recent Accomplishments

Read more about our accomplishments in our Brigham and Women’s Hospital Patient and Family Advisory Council Annual Report.

Get Involved

If you have ideas on how to help improve care for patients and their families at BWH, we invite you to inquire about becoming a patient advisor. Your voice matters to us! Please contact or call 617-525-9982.

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