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Brigham and Women's Hospital is open and seeing patients. All scheduled appointments and procedures will happen as planned on Monday, July 22.

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Around the Block From BWH

If you will be visiting Brigham and Women’s Hospital for a short period of time, you may want to take advantage of some of the services and amenities that are located less than a half-mile from the hospital campus, including:


Longwood Barbershop
342 Longwood Ave, Boston
(617) 731-7931
Distance: 0.2 miles

Convenience Stores

722 Huntington Ave, Boston
(617) 277-4665
Distance: 0.2 miles

Fitness Centers

BodyScapes Fitness
77 Avenue Louis Pasteur, Boston
(617) 738-9229
Distance: 0.5 miles

BodyScapes offers a free pass for first-time users to work out or try a class.

Gardens and Outdoor Spaces

If you need a break or are looking to get some fresh air, there are several outdoor spaces located within easy walking distance to Brigham and Women’s Hospital: The Stoneman Healing Garden, located on the third floor of the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, next door to Brigham and Women’s Hospital; The Riverway, just a few blocks from the hospital; and Joslin Park, across from the Joslin Diabetes Center, just down the street from the hospital.


Star Laundry
896 Huntington Ave, Boston
(617) 731-6036
Distance: 0.4 miles

Optical Shops

Longwood Optical
342 Longwood Ave, Boston
(617) 738-1111
Distance: 0.4 miles

Mass. Eye and Ear, Longwood Optical Shop
800 Huntington Ave, Boston
(617) 936-6156
Distance: 0.2 miles


CVS Pharmacy
350 Longwood Ave, Boston
(617) 731-5753
Distance: 0.3 miles

1630 Tremont St, Boston
(617) 232-5457
Distance: 0.2 miles


There are a number of local dining options located less than a half-mile from Brigham and Women’s Hospital.


Super Stop & Shop
1620 Tremont St, Boston
(617) 232-3572
Distance: 0.2 miles

Additional services, amenities and attractions are located on the main hospital campus or within walking distance (one mile) of the hospital.

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