Quick Facts for Wireless Use

  • BWH now offers free wireless Internet access in certain sections of the hospital for patients. The name of the wireless Patient/Visitor Guest network is: PHSPIAGUEST.
  • PHSPIAGUEST provides public access to the internet. It is NOT secure; however, it does provide content filtering to block undesirable content, and will filter undesirable programs or illegal activities.
  • BWH provides free wireless Internet access service with the understanding that BWH will not be held liable for any damage that may result directly or indirectly from the use of the service. There are potentially serious security issues with any computer connected to the Internet without the appropriate protection. These security issues range from viruses, worms and other programs that can damage the user's computer to attacks on the computer by unauthorized or unwanted third parties. By connecting to the PHSPIAGUEST network, the user acknowledges the risks associated with public access to the internet and BWH/MGB is not responsible for any damages that might occur.
  • Patients / Visitors must have their own laptop in order to connect to the wireless internet. BWH does not provide laptops or loaners, and cannot help troubleshoot your device. You must contact the manufacturer or operating system vendor for assistance with your personal device.
  • BWH requires that you adhere to the Acceptable Use Policy, which will be displayed when you first connect to BWH’s Internet wireless network, PHSPIAGUEST. Read the MGB Acceptable Use Policy.
  • BWH reminds you that with any electrical device, there are risks of electrocution, battery explosion, transmission of infection or contamination, as well as risks from electrical currents while using your laptop computer.
  • We require for your safety and comfort that you utilize a table, such as the bedside table, to support your laptop computer while in use.
  • Always consult with the patient’s caregiver prior to plugging a laptop into an outlet.
  • BWH is not responsible for the security of your laptop or other wireless devices, nor can BWH provide a secure storage space for your laptop. The hospital cannot be held responsible if an individual’s laptop is stolen, damaged, or comes in contact with fluids or radioactive material.
  • Please note, there are many unreliable health information resources on the Internet. You should always consult your physician regarding any questions or concerns you may have about health related information.
  • For the safety, comfort and privacy for our patients, families and staff all audible sound, alarms, anti-motion alarms, reminder alarms any other sound feature as well as web cams must be turned off on your laptop at all times. Please use headphones if sound is required.

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