Psychiatry Complex Diagnostic Evaluation Service

The Brigham and Women's Hospital Psychiatry Complex Diagnostic Evaluation Service brings together a team of expert clinicians in medical psychiatry. The service provides the highest-level diagnostic services to patients with complicated medical presentations in which concerns for co-morbid psychiatric issues arise. These conditions at the medicine-psychiatry interface include but are not limited to patients with cardiovascular disease and depression or anxiety, gastrointestinal problems such as IBS, rheumatologic disorders including fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome and lupus and endocrine disorders with associated emotional conditions. Such services are particularly helpful for patients in whom the reasons underlying changes in emotion, cognition, perception or behavior are not clear, and patients in whom the relationship between their medical and mental health problem is uncertain.

The goal of this service is to provide the patient and referring physician with a through medical-psychiatric diagnostic evaluation and synthesis of the case. Comprehensive psychiatric evaluations and psychological screenings will be included as part of the thorough diagnostic assessment. The clinical team will be in close contact with the referring physician and or primary care doctor involved in the patient's care to provide an expert treatment plan.

The service draws upon the expertise of the excellent medical-psychiatry service at the BWH with its national reputation and ongoing tradition of excellence in training psychosomatic fellows.

The director of the clinic is Dr. Michael Mufson, a master clinician, who has been on staff at the BWH for over 30 years and is an active member of the division of medical psychiatry.

Appointments can be scheduled by contacting the Psychiatry Department at 617-732-6753.

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