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Abdominal and Pelvic CT

Daniel I. Glazer, MDDaniel I. Glazer, MD
Head, Abdominal CT

Abdominal CT examinations are performed and interpreted as part of the Abdominal Imaging and Intervention Section’s clinical services. The abdominal CT service is also an active area of research that is focused on developing new techniques, modifying existing ones, learning how best to interpret the images, and understanding the medically appropriate role of abdominal CT in the care of patients with gastrointestinal and genitourinary diseases. The abdominal CT service also is actively involved with the education of medical professionals at all levels of training.

State-of-the-art CT technology is used, including dual energy CT scanners. Advanced protocols are designed to address specific clinical questions in ways that are both medically appropriate and tailored to reduce radiation exposure to only what is necessary. In addition to conventional planar images, advanced, multi-planar, curved planar and other three-dimensional images are generated as part of many protocols. A sample of the currently utilized abdominal CT examination protocols are listed below. Additional examination protocols are being developed and each of them is modified further when necessary to address a particular patient’s problem.

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