Living in Boston

Boston and the surrounding area is full of activities for people of every interest! Boston and Cambridge have countless delicious restaurants of every genre, with its very own Chinatown and North End (like Little Italy), but is especially known for its fresh local seafood, including lobster, clam chowder, oysters and scallops. There is plenty to do on the weeknights and weekends, including a great music scene (range of small to large concert halls), performances (visiting Broadway shows, comedian tours, orchestra, etc), and nightlife. Bostonians take their sports very seriously and it is hard not to get swept away into the excitement. Those seeking outdoor adventures need not look much beyond the city limits, with an affordable city-center community boating club (including sailing, kayaking and wind surfing), nearby hiking trails within a 15-45 minute drive from Boston and fabulous hiking, skiing, snowboarding and other winter sports can be found in nearby Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine. You can also enjoy beautiful summers on Cape Cod.Traveling to and from Boston is very easy with Logan International Airport less than 15 minutes from city center and two easily accessible Amtrak train stations.


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