Diagnostic Radiology Residency Teaching Opportunities

An important goal of this residency training program is the fostering of skilled physician educators. An effective radiologist is one who can communicate clearly to clinicians and who can impart knowledge succinctly to other physicians.

Accordingly, all residents act as mentors for the medical students helping them select cases for their assigned case presentations and many residents also provide medical students with monthly lectures.

Residents also participate in interdisciplinary conferences with the pathology and medicine departments, explaining the radiology behind autopsy cases or for many ICU or floor patients.

Brigham and Women’s Hospital Core Clerkship in Radiology (RD500.23)

Harvard Medical School

BWH Clinician-Educator Track

This elective is geared towards residents with a passion for medical education that seek formal training and experience in the field. The elective is built upon 7 major themes: 1) learning theory, 2) hands-on teaching, 3) curriculum design, 4) evaluation & feedback, 5) mentorship 6) educational leadership and 7) research. Each section has a set of learning objectives and assignments. The elective is intended to comprise 12 weeks, though can be shortened based on timing and the particular interests of the resident. Throughout the elective, trainees will generate a teaching portfolio to build upon throughout his or her career.

Application for BWH Radiology Residency

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Teaching Awards

George Marina Memorial Faculty Teaching Award Winners

1998  Roman Klufas, MD
1999  John Carrino, MD
2000  Russell Blinder, MD
2001  John Santilli, MD
2002  Koenraad Mortele, MD
2003  Steve Ledbetter, MD
2004  Piran Aliabadi, MD
2005  Koenraad Mortele, MD
2006  Cheryl Sadow, MD
2007  Nikhil Ramaiya, MD
2008  Piran Aliabadi, MD
2009  Amir Zamani, MD
2010  John Braver, MD
2011  Jack Meyer, MD
2012  Paul Shyn, MD
2013  Michael Steigner, MD
2014  Alex Adducci, MD
2015  Gregory Czuczman, MD
2016  Jennifer Uyeda, MD
2017 Leslie Lee, MD
2018 Mark Hammer, MD

Radiology Residency 2017 Teaching Award
Dr. Leslie Lee receives the 2017 teaching award from the chief residents
Medical Student Teaching Award Winners (awarded to residents for their outstanding service in medical student teaching)

2006-2007 - Juan Small, MD, Michael Baldwin, MD, Glenn Gaviola, MD
2007-2008 - Glenn Gaviola, MD, Michael Baldwin, MD, Shashi Ranganath, MD
2008-2009 - Michael Baldwin, MD, Shashi Ranganath, MD, Christopher Wu, MD
2011-2012 - Amit Bakri, MD, Omar Javery, MD, Jacob Mandell, MD
2012-2013 - Amma Maurer, MD, Nathan Himes, MD, Shreya Sood, MD
2013-2014 - Paul Bunch, MD, Patrick Brown, MD, Matt Oliff, MD
2014-2015 - Ged Wieschhoff, MD, Asha Sarma, MD
2016 - Naman Desai, MD
2017 - Shanna Matalon, MD
2018 - Jim Chen, MD

Fellow Teaching Award Winners

2014-2015 - Matthew Oliff, MD
2016 - John Kim, MD
2017 - Ryan Tai, MD, Marta Braschi-Amirfarzan, MD
2018 - William Wrobel, MD

Radiology Residency 2017 Fellow Teaching Award
2017 Fellow Teaching Award Winners Dr. Ryan Tai and Dr. Marta Braschi-Amirfarzan
HMS Teaching Award Winners
2016 - Jeffrey Guenette, MD, Oren Johnson, MD, Paul Bunch, MD
2017 - Shanna Matalon, MD, Jessica Mann, MD, Ezra Burch, MD
2018 - Matthew Haber, MD, Cory Robinson Weiss, MD, Lisa Ratanaprasatporn, MD, Jim Chen, MD
Lifetime Achievement Award for Educational Leadership

2016 Steven Seltzer, MD

2017 Lifetime Achievement Award for Educational Leadership
Lifetime Achievement Award for Educational Leadership 2016. Dr. Steven Seltzer on the left and Dr. Bill Mayo-Smith on the right.
Educational Program Leadership Award

2016 - Barbara Weissman, MD and Don Di Salvo, MD
2018 - Stacy Smith, MD, Stephanie Howard, MD

Thank You to BWH Resident Faculty

Thank you to the following BWH resident faculty for participation in the 2016 Harvard Medical School Transitions Course:

Jessica Mann, MD
Elizabeth George, MBBS
Ezra Burch, MD 
Hansol Kim, MD 
Sha-har Admoni, MD 
Oren Johnson, MD 
Lisa Ratanaprasatporn, MD 
Catie Phillips, MD
Linda Ratanaprasatporn, MD 
Thomas Ng, MD


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