Medical Imaging Technologist Education

Technologist Clinical Internship Programs: Medical Imaging

Clinical radiology technologist internship programs are the clinical training component of programs sponsored by the colleges listed below. The clinical programs are targeted to students studying to be technologists in CT, Mammography, MRI, Nuclear Medicine, Radiography, and Ultrasound. All inquiries regarding enrolling in these programs should be directed to the college listed below. For the clinical internship component of this training, job shadowing and continuing education, enquiries may be directed to the Radiology Technologist Director of Education.

Rasheeda Scott
Radiology Technologist Director of Education
Phone: (617) 525-3528

Clinical Internships

Clinical internships in Medical Imaging at Brigham and Women’s Hospital are available through our affiliated programs. Listed below are the affiliated programs for each modality within the hospital. Each modality has its own Clinical Coordinator appointed to supervise the students within the clinical setting.

Job Shadow Program

Job shadow opportunities within the medical imaging departments are available. Requests for job shadows can be coordinated through the Radiology Technologist Director of Education.

Continuing Education Opportunities Available to Employees

Several educational opportunities are available to employees via a combination of online and in-house lectures.

  1. ASRT approved in-house lectures – Grand Rounds & Radiology Seminars
  2. GE Healthcare TiP Ed – Online Continuing Education Credits
  3. Philips Online Learning Center – Online Continuing Education Credits

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