Radiology Clerkship - Advanced Radiology Clerkship (RD501M.23)

Sara Durfee, MD

Jennifer Uyeda, MD
Associate Director


4.00 CREDITS (Clinical Elective)




HMS Principal Clinical Experience (Core Clinical Clerkships) or equivalent


Full time for one month. Not offered July, Aug, Dec.

Open to Exclerks

Yes (may be restricted for international students)


The course provides an opportunity for students who, having completed the core clerkship, wish further instruction in specific radiological subspecialty areas. Programs will be individually tailored to students' interests. The student should email to discuss their areas of interest with either Dr. Di Salvo or Dr Clarke at least two weeks before the clerkship so that arrangements can be made in advance. Sites of interest will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis.

Two special intensive experiences are also offered for students with an interest in interventional radiology:

  • Angio-interventional service, where students will work alongside radiologist performing invasive procedures (angioplasty, biliary drainage, central line placement).
  • Cross-sectional interventional body imaging where students will be exposed to newer technologies (such as multidetector row CT, 3 Tesla MRI, and 3 dimensional post-processing) as well as image-guided procedures (biopsies, absess drainages, radiofrequency and/or cryoablations).
    Students interested in assisting in research projects may also be accommodated with sufficient prior notice.

Learning Goals

  • Intensive exposure to the range of radiology subspecialties currently practiced. 
  • Preparation and delivery of radiology-centered oral presentation.
  • Demonstration of student ability to use the radiology PACS system for retrieval of studies, use of appropriate tools to demonstrate key radiologic findings, and capability to use appropriate radiologic terminology to communicate these appropriately.
  • Ability to organize and create a representative digital library of cases seen during the month.


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