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Cancer imaging encompasses two distinct roles. First, there is the imaging of the patient’s cancer. PET/CT is the main workhorse for staging exams, but other modalities can also be used. Within cancer imaging, a lot of attention (research) is currently being paid to molecular imaging, which has many potential applications for cancer detection, characterization, and treatment.  In addition to imaging the patient’s cancer, cancer imaging also involves the general imaging of cancer patients who get all of the same diseases that patients without cancer get in addition to a number of other disease processes they are prone to develop as a result of both their malignancy and its treatment. For general imaging of patients with cancer (and many other disease processes) all of the available imaging modalities are used.  

The DFCI Consult reading rooms  are  located on the 7th & 10th floor of the Yawkey Building (see BWH Pike map), and this is . Di Salvo’s area of practice.

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