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The Brigham Emergency Radiology section is one of the few services in the country that offers on-site radiologist 24/7. It comprises the radiologists interpreting imaging studies performed on patients in the emergency department. All imaging modalities are performed in this section, including conventional radiographs, CT, MR and ultrasound. The pathology is diverse and interesting, except pediatrics. You will see, among others, imaging studies on patients presenting with a vast variety of diseases: first trimester pregnancy bleeding, diverticulitis, appendicitis, ovarian and testicular torsion, stroke, pulmonary embolism, CHF, trauma and renal stones, just to name a few. The section is very dynamic and, as you will see, a calm day can become very busy depending on how busy the emergency department gets or if a major trauma arrives. Because critical medical decisions are made in the ED (discharge vs admission, surgery vs medical management) and many of them are made based on the imaging findings, it is important to have the radiologist available to read all the cases in a timely fashion. You should be aware that because this area is so busy, the bulk of your learning during this experience will likely come from observing rather than direct teaching. During your time in this section, you should observe the resident and fellow while they read cases and when they present it to the attending for discussion. 

The emergency radiology reading room is located within the Emergency Department.Emergency Radiology reading room

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