Radiology Clerkship Learning Objectives

Harvard Medical School Core Clerkship in Radiology Learning Objectives:

  1. Review relevant anatomy, pathophysiology, technology, and performance of examinations as it relates to the daily practice of radiology.
  2. For a given clinical scenario, be able to recognize the radiological examinations available, know the relative appropriateness criteria, and devise a logical course of action to answer the clinical question(s). 
  3. Recognize and communicate the relevant clinical presentation as it pertains to the request for and interpretation of radiological examinations.
  4. Given a clinical scenario and radiological findings, generate an appropriate, ordered, differential diagnosis and a plan for management of the patient (next exam, treatment, consultation of a specialist).
  5. Learn very basic plain film and CT interpretation and become familiar with sonography and MR.  Recognize limitations in knowledge and understanding of radiological interpretation.
  6. Become familiar with and begin to manage the digital aspects of modern radiology (PACS, etc.), radiology terminology, and radiology interpretation and its use in digital presentation and consultation of case material.
  7. Recognize aspects of patient autonomy in decision-making, communication, and cultural differences.  Always exhibit professionalism in dealing with radiological staff and patients.
  8. Recognize and reduce areas of potential error in radiologic imaging, interpretation, and communication.
  9. Become familiar with what it is that radiologists and radiological subspecialists do as well as how to interact with them as a clinical colleague for the benefit of the patient.
  10. Consider a career in radiology in as much as it applies to your interests, strengths, and weaknesses.

Tip: For HMS Learning Objective #2, the ACR Appropriateness Criteria serve as an excellent resource, and we recommend referring to this in future rotations as well as in your future practice for guidance in requesting the most appropriate exam. (


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