Radiology Clerkship Mini-CEX and Contrast Safety

Performed near the midpoint of the course, this mini-OSCE will consist of 5 cases drawn from the core areas in which you will rotate (chest, abdomen, neurological, and musculoskeletal). Each case is presented in the form of a brief clinical scenario, and you will be asked to identify the most appropriate imaging study or studies for the given scenario, to comment on and interpret the radiologic findings (radiographic and/or CT images will be presented to you), and to answer questions about the radiologic techniques and differential diagnoses. All of the findings are readily-apparent and will have been covered in the tutorials, the RadLabs, the CORE Modules, and the AMSER website (“Must See Diagnoses”). The mini-OSCE will take approximately 30 minutes per student, and feedback will be given at the conclusion. You will be evaluated based upon your knowledge of basic exam techniques, your rationale for choosing the appropriate exam given the clinical context, your use of appropriate terminology, your ability to organize and concisely convey the imaging findings and appropriate differential diagnosis, and your knowledge of the relevant anatomy and underlying pathophysiology.  
You should be aware that this will likely take place before you have completed all of the core observations. Thus, you may be asked, for example, to comment on a neuroradiology case before you have spent time in that reading room. While this may make you feel a little uncomfortable, please trust that all of the material covered in the mini-CEX will have been presented to you in some form or fashion during the first week’s didactics. It is also important for this reason that you focus on learning as much as possible during the first week of the rotation, as the structured learning provided at this time lays the groundwork for being able to best benefit from the more independent learning and observation opportunities available to you for the remainder of the rotation. You will be given feedback about your performance in the first part of the clerkship at the time of your mini-CEX. 


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