Radiology Clerkship Morning Report

You are responsible for selecting 2 cases drawn from either your experience on call in the ED or from your morning observation sessions in the reading rooms (be on the lookout and write down the MRN!) and presenting these cases (~5 minutes each) to the group using the Partners web-based PACS Centricity system. You will provide a brief clinical history (you will be assessed based on your ability to focus on the important elements of the patient’s presentation) and then use Centricity to point out the relevant imaging findings to the group. Please think about the exam that was ordered and be able to state whether or not it was indicated or if another exam (or no exam) could have or should have been done instead. You should choose cases that provide specific teaching points that you believe it is important for your fellow students to learn. These cases need not be complex or abstruse, and you should ideally only need to show one or two images per case to convey your teaching points.

The goals of this exercise are a) to develop your ability to present cases concisely and accurately, b) to develop your facility demonstrating findings on radiographic studies using the PACS system, c) to learn to use appropriate terminology and anatomic precision when describing imaging findings, and d) to teach your fellow students. You are expected to practice ahead of time using Centricity on the Partners PC in the student room and should be able to get through both cases and all of your teaching points in 10 minutes or less. 

You are expected to leave a copy of your morning report selected images and brief text document on the Partner's PC in the student room. You should create a folder with your name and within that folder create separate folders for each of your two cases. Each case folder should contain a few selected images as well as a separate word document listing the patient name, medical record number, exam date, and a short bulleted list of the pertinent findings. This needs to be completed before the last day of the rotation.


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