Radiology Clerkship Research Opportunities


Stuart G. Silverman, MD
Phone: (617) 732-6299

The Abdominal Imaging Section in the Department of Radiology at Brigham and Women’s Hospital/Harvard Medical School is actively engaged in clinical research on a vast array of abdominal and pelvic disorders. Technologies highlighted by the Group’s efforts include multi detector row CT, MRI, advanced interventional techniques, such as, CT fluoroscopy and interventional MRI using a novel open configuration MR system. Research projects involve multiple organ systems including the GI tract, liver, biliary tract, GU and GYN tracts. Research projects generally evaluate new technologies and their effects on patient care. Current examples include evaluating different methods of obtaining the percutaneous diagnosis of pancreatic cancer, evaluating novel imaging techniques for predicting the outcome of patients with pancreatitis, and evaluating the ability of needle-like probes, guided by imaging, to ablate cancers of the liver, kidney, prostate and other organs. The section is actively engaged in laboratory research of tumor ablation and image guided (particularly MRI) tumor therapy. Published manuscripts and presentations are expected outgrowths of the work. In addition to contributing to research, students have ample time to observe and learn the various aspects of abdominal imaging and intervention.


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