Radiology Clerkship Ultrasound Section

Sara Durfee, MD
Robin Perlmutter-Goldenson, MD
Phone: (617) 732-6280

The ultrasound department at the Brigham is one of the few sections which remains modality rather than organ-system based. Ultrasound is readily available, relatively cheap, and does not involve ionizing radiation. It has been demonstrated to be an excellent imaging choice (and often the preferred choice) for numerous situations, including the evaluation of right upper quadrant pain (to diagnose cholelithiasis and/or cholecystitis), suspected pathology of the female genitourinary tract (including endometrial cancer, ovarian cancer, and ovarian torsion), acute testicular pain (torsion), suspected carotid artery stenosis (cervical bruit found on exam), the prenatal evaluation of the fetus, and screening for abdominal aortic aneurysm.  In addition, it is sometimes possible to diagnose disease processes such as appendicitis or abdominal abscess with ultrasound, which is important to remember in patients in whom avoiding ionizing radiation may be a major consideration, such as children and pregnant women.

This is another section in which you will be seeing patients and are expected to wear your white coat and otherwise dress professionally.  The ultrasound department is located on L1 near the abdominal reading room and the nuclear medicine department (see BWH L1 map).

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