Radiology Research Administration FAQs

How do I submit an IRB (Institutional Review Board) protocol?

Insight Humans (eIRB)

The humans module in Insight enables the user to prepare, submit, and track IRB submissions online. Insight/eIRB may contain information that is confidential and proprietary to the participating Hospitals and/or the study sponsor. Note: Distribution of confidential and proprietary documents beyond the Hospital research team and others within Hospital/Mass General Brigham with a need to know is prohibited without prior written approval by Hospital and the third party involved.

What is the IRB?

Mass General Brigham Institutional Review Board

What is the course on protection of human-subject research and who needs to take it?

Mass General Brigham RCR Training Program

How do I get Animal/Human Research approval for my study?

Harvard Office of Human Research Administration (OHRA)

I need Biostatistical support for my grant - who can I contact for assistance?

Please contact one of the following:

Do I need to complete an Advanced Authorization for Directly Sponsored Events form for a meal that includes 5 or more people that I anticipate will exceed the maximum allowable amount of $65 per person?

Please Yes. The form must be filled out and reviewed by your RRA. Then, you will submit the form to Christopher Dunleavy, Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer at for approval. Once approved, please include the approved Directly Sponsored Events form when submitting the eCheck request.

Can I purchase an item on my own and get reimbursed from my fringe account?

No. For purchases made on your behalf, a request must be sent to Radiology Finance with instructions to purchase that particular item. An e-mail request containing a link to that particular product should be sent to Adam Thompson in Radiology Finance. Purchases will be made through Mass General Brigham approved vendors. For examples of allowable items, please review the Radiology Research Fringe Account Policy. Any questions should be directed to Adam Thompson or your RRA.

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