Center for Evidence-Based Imaging (CEBI) Who We Are


Ramin Khorasani, MD, MPH
Professor of Radiology

Dr. Khorasani is the first incumbent of the Distinguished Chair of Medical Informatics at BWH established in 2013, and CEBI’s Director and founder. He also serves as Vice Chair for Quality, Safety, and IT in Radiology.

Ivan Ip, MD, MPH
Instructor in Radiology

Dr. Ip joined the CEBI faculty in July 2012 with a clinical appointment in primary care and general internal medicine at BWH. He is an internist with a focus on health policy, health services research, biostatistics and epidemiology. His expertise in health IT, with special focus on CDS, natural language processing, and ‘big data’ are uniquely suited to the mission of CEBI.

Neena Kapoor, MD
Instructor in Radiology

Dr. Kapoor is a musculoskeletal imaging radiologist and a radiology quality and patient safety officer at BWH. Dr. Kapoor joined CEBI faculty in 2016. Her work is focused on improving patient experience in radiology and the communication of critical radiology results.

Ronilda Lacson, MD, PhD
Associate Professor of Radiology 

An internist, Dr. Lacson’s major focus is in machine learning, natural language processing, ontologies, and IT tools for optimizing hand‐offs, such as communication of critical results and transitions of care.

Andrew R. Menard, JD
Director of Business Development, Department of Radiology

Mr. Menard is a member of the leadership team for the BWH Department of Radiology. He has worked on the public policy implications of imaging clinical decision support (CDS) for over 10 years. He has worked with Dr. Khorasani to organize a consortium of academic centers to conduct research on imaging CDS, to plan and execute the strategy for the BWH convenership under the MID, and to organize responses from leading national stakeholders to the draft legislation that ultimately became law as the Protecting Access to Medicare Act (PAMA). Andrew is a member of the Association of Administrators in Academic Radiology and is active in the Academy of Radiology Research and Coalition for Imaging and Biomedical Research. He is a graduate of Harvard Law School and serves on the board of directors of several private companies engaged in research and development for life sciences.

Ali Raja, MD, MBA, MPH
Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine and Radiology 

Dr. Raja’s major focus is use of health IT tools, specifically CDS, to improve quality, safety and efficiency in emergency medicine. He serves as Vice Chair in Emergency Medicine at MGH.

Louise Schneider, MD
Assistant Professor of Medicine 

A practicing primary care physician, Dr. Schneider brings more than 15 years of experience in design and implementation of health IT solutions, specifically using CDS, to enable evidence‐based practice to improve quality and reduce waste. She also serves as the Medical Director of the Fish Center for Women’s Health at BWH.

Atul Shinagare, MD
Instructor in Radiology

Dr. Shinagare is a Staff Radiologist at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Senior Physician at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, faculty at the Center for Evidence-based Imaging and Assistant Professor of Radiology at Harvard Medical School. He also serves as the Radiology Quality and Safety Officer and Associate Fellowship Director of the Cancer Imaging Program. Dr. Shinagare’s interests pertain to use of evidence-based medicine, radiomics and informatics to make imaging more efficient and reduce the unwarranted variability in radiology reports. In my role as Radiology Quality and Safety Officer, I strive to standardize the imaging techniques, imaging interpretation and reporting to make radiology reports more clear and minimize the errors.

Vlad Valtchinov, PhD
Instructor in Radiology 

Dr. Valtchinov’s major focus is in artificial intelligence, imaging and genomics informatics, and design and implementation of ‘big data’ strategies and analytics to accelerate evidence discovery and delivery at the point of care.

Current Trainees

Laila Cochon, MD

Tony Trinh, MD

Alex Goehler

Research Assistants

AiJia Wang, MPH

Eseosa Odigie

Patrick Ching


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