Nuclear Medicine/Biomedical Imaging Research Core (BICOR) Initiating Orders for Radiotracers

To provide all the information needed for ordering, delivery and invoicing of radiotracers, please fill out a form below and email to Peter Holton at

Place an order for a radiotracer for clinical use on a specific date by contacting the Nuclear Pharmacy directly. Doses must be entered into the Nuclear Medicine Information System (NMIS). Please email including all the following pharmacists. Someone is available 5AM to 5 PM weekdays.

Place an order for a radiotracer for research in humans or preclinical study by first contacting the radiochemists listed below to discuss available production dates and times. The radiochemists will coordinate with the nuclear pharmacy. All human use doses must be entered into NMIS. Radiochemists availability to respond varies due to scheduling. Please try to place requests at least a week in advance. The order form below shows the necessary planning information.


Justin M Paolino

Michael T Kukler

Jonathan K. Barlow


Shipra Dubey

Standard Prices

FY18 Prices Clinical Use Compounds

Service Price (per dose)
18F-FDG $125.00
13N-Ammonia $500.00

FY18 Prices Research Compounds

Service Price* (per dose)
11C-PBR28 $1,450.00
11C-PDMP $1,450.00
11C-PK11195 $1,575.00
11C-Acetate $1,450.00
11C-Choline $1,450.00
11C-HED $1,575.00
11C-Acetate Hi-C $1,450.00
11C-PIB $1,450.00
13N-Ammonia $420.00
15O-Water $300.00
18F-Fluorodopa $2,300.00
18F-PBR06 $2,300.00
18F-GE179** $3,600.00
18F-VHH $2,300.00
18F-FDG $125.00
18F-FLT $2,200.00
18F-FET $2,200.00
18F-FES $2,300.00
18F-FMISO $2,300.00
18F-FDHT $2,600.00
18F-AV1451 $2,300.00
18F-GE-180** $3,600.00
18F-Fluoride (byproduct) $500.00
18F-Fluoride (Cyclotron) $1,500.00
18F-Rhodamine $2,000.00
89Zr-BEV $4,000.00
89Zr-B.20 $3,500.00

* This is the standard price for an investigator initiated research project. Depending on the source of funding, surcharges may be added. Prices listed are effective 10.1.2017 for FY 2018.

** GE-180 is a proprietary compound which requires an approval of a Material License Agreement amendment prior to purchase of starting materials. The amendment includes detailed description of the intended research use.

Small Animal Imaging Services

BICOR provides imaging services for MicroPET/CT and MicroSPECT. Animals may be brought to the facility in Thorn where staff will administer anesthetic and radiotracers and perform imaging, and as needed, staff will perform additional procedures.

Service Price*
MicroPET Imaging $200.00
MicroSPECT Imaging $210.00
Image Data Analysis $100.00
Blood Sampling $100.00
Tissue Sampling $100.00
Metabolite Analysis $250.00

*Prices are per mouse and/or per hour.

To arrange for these services, please contact:

Shuyan Wang

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