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About the Procedure

How to Prepare for a Lung Screening

Most low-dose CT exams last 15 minutes but the actual scanning takes about two minutes.

  • When to Arrive - Please arrive 30 minutes before your appointment, so we can properly prepare for your imaging.
  • Eating & Drinking - You can eat and drink as you normally would before your appointment.
  • Clothing - Please wear loose, comfortable clothes with no metal like zippers or underwire in bras. Metal can blur the images. We may ask you to change into hospital attire for clearer images.
  • Valuables - you can keep your things with you during a CT exam, but we suggest you leave your valuables at home so you don't have to sorry about them.
  • Children - Children are not allowed in the exam room. If you need to bring kids please bring someone to watch them in the waiting room.

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