Three-Dimensional Image Processing Center (3DIPC)


The 3D and Image Processing Center (3DIPC) strives to aid medical diagnosis, treatment planning, and surgical intervention through the use of cutting edge software for image analysis, as well as promote the evolving integration of computer-driven image processing into the clinical practice of medicine. Based in the Department of Radiology, the 3DIPC performs clinical 3D modeling for Brigham and Women's Hospital, supports research projects, and provides a range of services for Brigham and Women's Hospital.


We are always available to help the physicians, surgeons, technologists, and other caregivers at Brigham and Women's. 3D imaging is the creation of three-dimensional models from two-dimensional images. The use of 3D modeling can provide immense help in visualizing the vasculature surrounding a tumor or understanding the path of a tortuous vessel. But “3D imaging” fails to capture the full range of our services. We can also measure the lengths and dimensions of an artery, use CT images of the hip and spine to quantify bone mineral density, or map cerebral blood flow in a patient recovering from an acute stroke, among other services.

Requesting 3D

We have immediate access to all MR and CT exams performed at Mass General Brigham. To request 3D reconstruction with an MR or CT exam select yes for the order question “Would you like 3D reconstruction added if available at performing site?” mention 3D in the comments section of the order” Please provide 3D recons” or create and schedule a 3D order. The radiologist will include interpretation of reconstructions in the report, and the 3D images will be available in Visage. You should also feel free to contact us by email or phone.


Seth Levine
Phone: (617) 824-0546

Julia Siscoe, RT (R), (CT), (MR)

Jessica Fern, RT (R), (CT), (VI)

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