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Vascular and Vein Care Centers Diagnostic Services

Vascular and Vein Care Centers Diagnostic ServicesIt's important to find out if you have symptomatic varicose veins because, left untreated, the condition is not only uncomfortable but can alter your lifestyle. Some of the symptoms many patients experience include swelling, pain, itching or a feeling of heaviness in the lower legs.

A correct diagnosis is important in the treatment of varicose veins.

Varicose veins often appear as dark blue, twisted, enlarged veins near the skin's surface. However, a rash or skin ulceration may also be caused by varicose veins. While varicose veins are quite common, the condition generally worsens over time and, in rare cases, can lead to venous insufficiency that prevents the normal return of blood to the heart.

While there is no way for the body to cure varicose veins, in some cases, we may suggest changes to your diet, lifestyle, or other modifications to slow the condition such as support stockings and exercise.

The best way to know if you have the condition and are a candidate for treatment is with a consultation and simple non-invasive ultrasound exam. Through the exam, we can determine the condition and functioning of your veins, and based on your prior medical history and current condition, map out a customized treatment plan.


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