Research Recruitment Resources

Successful clinical trial enrollment hinges on the development and implementation of well thought out and strategic planning. The following are links to internal and external resources available that can be utilized as part of your research team’s recruitment strategy.

Partners eCare Research Core

Researchers using Epic for their research projects can receive assistance with reporting, registries, flowsheets, clinical decision support, recruitment alerts, project management as well as may other services from this research core service provider.

Research Portal

Researchers can create a log in and sign up for access to this research portal. They can submit their clinical trial (new project) and can advertise on the website in order to recruit for their study. The public can view the clinical trials being advertised and find a study relevant to them in which they can participate.

Research Opportunities Directed to You (RODY) through RPDR

This is a program where patients are given the opportunity to elect to consent to receiving medical care while simultaneously consenting to participate in research. Researchers can recruit for their already approved clinical trials by consenting patients who come into their clinic for medical care. Please contact the CCI at for more information.

Research Patient Data Registry (RPDR)

Researchers can register into this RPDR system and search clinical notes and identify patients for clinical trials for already IRB approved studies.

Research Match

Researchers as well as participants can register to use this website in order to recruit participants for their study and patients can identify the “perfect” study for them to inquire about. All studies must be IRB approved.