Nutrition Core Research Study Testimonials

“We conducted an excretion study which had very tight time lines and that required specific amounts of dietary elements to be consumed daily in meals, beverages, and snacks over a period of 8 days.  The Brigham and Women’s Hospital developed a variety of standardized diet plan options that met the stringent requirements of the protocol, and provided same-day feedback in special cases where specific foods in a subject’s daily diet had to be substituted.  BWH was a key contributor to the success of the study. 
Matthew P. Kovalsky: Executive Director Global Project Management, ZS Pharma

"The Nutrition and Metabolism Service on the HCCRC at BWH has been an essential partner in my studies of HDL metabolism. The Nutrition service has taken the lead among the clinical centers in multicenter dietary studies; the dietitians design and prepare meticulously formulated diets that are used by all centers. Because of this expertise and execution, these studies are considered the gold standard for dietary studies that definitively establish effects of diets on risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes."
-Frank M. Sacks, MD, Harvard School of Public Health, Brigham and Women's Hospital

“We have successfully used the CCI Metabolic Phenotyping Core to prepare diets for our human physiology studies, which require careful monitoring of macro and micronutrients. Our research subjects are very happy to work with the CCI Nutrition Staff. The CCI Nutrition Staff works to personalize each research subjects’ needs. They provide a unique and valuable service to our research study.”
-Suman Srinivasa, MD, Massachusetts General Hospital

 “The CCI Nutrition Core has been instrumental in carrying out key aspects of our neuroimaging studies on appetite and mood. The team has helped design meal options, coordinate the weighed meal process, assist with anthropometric measurements, and complete 24-hour food recall interviews—sending us detailed data from these measures on a regular basis. They are incredibly knowledgeable, easy to work with, and enthusiastic. Our studies are much richer thanks to them.”
-Laura Holsen, PhD, Harvard Medical School, Brigham and Women’s Hospital   

“The Harvard Catalyst supported Nutrition and Metabolism Service is a critical element of our research efforts. Since joining the Cardiovascular Endocrine Research Group at BWH in 2000 I have designed and conducted many human physiological research projects that require specific detailed control of dietary intake. These include calculated diets to compare sodium intake, potassium intake, carbohydrate intake, a large DASH diet based feeding study, and weight loss studies. The ability to execute studies that enable precise, reliable control of dietary intake reduces environmental confounding that inherently leads to higher impact publications.”
-Jonathan Williams, MD , MSc, Harvard Medical School, Brigham and Women’s Hospital