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BRAC Immuno-assay Descriptions

ACTH (RA002)

Active Ghrelin by ELISA (EL016)

Active Ghrelin by RIA (RA009)

Adiponectin High Molecular Weight (EL017)

Adiponectin, Total (EL001)

AER (Aldo Excretion Rate) (ELISA)

Aldosterone (EL021)

Angiotensin II (RA005)

BSAP (BC015)

Cortisol, Saliva

Cortisol, Serum (BC001)

C-peptide (RA008)

DBP (EL015)

DHEA Sulfate (BC002)

DNA, Blood (DN001)

DNA Extraction from Cells (DNA002)

DNA, Saliva (DN003)

Estradiol by Chemilumenescence (BC003)

Growth Hormone (BC005)

ICAM (EL010)

IGF-1 (IS001)

IL-6 (BC006)

Insulin (BC007)

Leptin (RA010)

LH (BC008)

LL-37 (EL014)

NTX Plasma (EL019)

Oxytocin (EL020)

PAI-1 (EL003)

PRA (Plasma Renin Activity) (RA012)

PTH (BC011)

Resistin (EL004)

SHBG (BC012)

Testosterone, Free by Equilibrium Dialysis (ED001)

TNFa (EL005)

TSH (BC014)

VCAM (EL007)

BRAC LC-MS Descriptions

25OH Vitamin D2D3 (MS011)

aMT6, Urine (MS001)

Catecholamine Panel, Plasma (Epinephrine & Norepinephrine) by LC/MS (MS015)

Catecholamine Panel, Urine (Epinephrine & Norepinephrine) by LC/MS (MS014)

Cortisol, Plasma (MS002)

Cortisol, Urine (MS003)

DHT (MS004)

Estradiol/Estrone (E1/E2) Panel (MS005)

Estradiol (MS006)

GDF-8 (MS019)

GDF-11 (MS020)

Melatonin, Plasma by LCMS (MS007)

PAH (MS018)

Progesterone by LCMS (MS009)

Testosterone, Total (MS010)

Special Requests

The following tests are also available upon request, but are not part of the standard test menu. There may be additional charges if the kits are not fully used.

Melatonin RIA (RA013)

Progesterone by Chemiluminescence (BC009)

FSH (BC004)

Prolactin (BC010)

Testosterone (BC013)

CTX (EL008)

E-Selectin (EL009)

Glucagon (EL018)

N-Telopeptides (EL011)

Osteocalcin (EL012)

RBP-4 (EL013)

PYY (EL006)

To request a new test be added to the test menu, please fill out New Assay Request Form.

Please contact the lab at, or call 617-525-9246 with any questions.