Channing Biostatistics Group

Advances in the Methods and Applications in Chronic Disease Epidemiology Design and Analysis of Powerful Clinical Trials in Multiple Domains

The Channing Division of Network Medicine (CDNM) biostatistics group is actively engaged with all aspects of investigational science in the division. Primary effort is directed at establishing unbiased and efficient methods of inference from epidemiological studies, and at design and analysis of powerful clinical trials in multiple domains.

Team members are also actively engaged in the definition and use of state-of-the-art infrastructure for inference with genome-scale assays.

Current Research

Our group is currently studying:

  • Analysis of longitudinal data
  • Chronic disease risk modeling
  • Clinical trials in infectious and chronic disease
  • Molecular pathological epidemiology
  • Integrative genomics of cancer and lung disease
  • Cloud-scale data architecture
  • Pooling biomarker data
  • Methods for measurement error correction


Dr. Rosner is a Fellow of the American Statistical Association and has been Principal Investigator of numerous NIH grants.

Dr. Carey is a member of the External Advisory Board for NIAID ImmPort, and of the Scientific Advisory Board for the Gates Foundation Vaccine Immunology Statistical Center; he is also a Principal Investigator for projects in the NCI Information Technology for Cancer Research and in the Chan-Zuckerberg Foundation Human Cell Atlas Consortium.

Dr. Bernard Rosner leads the CDNM biostatistical group and has a vast portfolio of advances in methods and applications in chronic disease epidemiology. He has created new algorithms for outlier detection, an influential model of breast cancer incidence (joint with Dr. Graham Colditz), and has led statistical and epidemiological research in the Nurses’ Health Study since its inception.

Other members of the biostatistical group include Dr. Molin Wang, whose research addresses timing of effect in survival analysis, evaluation of etiological disease heterogeneity, and measurement error correction in epidemiological studies; Dr. Catherine Berkey, an expert in childhood growth and chronic disease risk modeling; and Dr. Vincent Carey, who is engaged in clinical trials design and analysis for infectious and chronic diseases, and who has contributed to computational methods for statistical analysis of massive datasets in molecular genomics studies.