Spine Clinical Outcomes Research Center

Dr. Andrew Schoenfeld works as an investigator within the Spine Clinical Outcomes Research Center and serves as Principal Investigator on a number of projects including research directed at evaluating risk factors for sustained opioid use following orthopaedic and spine surgical interventions, quality improvement initiatives within spine surgery including defining meaningful volume-outcomes relationships, and evaluating outcomes for patients treated surgically for spinal metastases.

Within the Spine Clinical Outcomes Research Center, research is performed under the auspices of Dr. Schoenfeld and his team along the following lines:

  1. Prospective research on optimal decision making in the treatment of patients with spinal metastases.
  2. Prognostic modeling of outcomes for patients with cervical and lumbar spine disorders.
  3. Assessment of the impact of health reform initiatives and healthcare policy on the delivery of orthopaedic and spine surgical interventions, particularly within the context of the academic medical center.

Dr. Schoenfeld’s research is currently supported by the Henry M. Jackson Foundation of the Department of Defense and the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services, Office of Minority Health. Since 2015, the Spine Clinical Outcomes Research Center has had over 30 manuscripts accepted for publication in the peer-reviewed literature.

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