Peter M. Black, MD, PhD

eter M. Black, MD, PhD

Director, Neurosurgical Oncology Laboratory
Founding Chair
Department of Neurosurgery, Brigham and Women's Hospital
Franc D. Ingraham Professor of Neurosurgery
Harvard Medical School

The Neurosurgical Oncology Laboratory provides a unique environment for basic science researchers, medical students, international research fellows and neurosurgeons to take a multidisciplinary approach to understanding basic biology, and to developing new therapies to treat brain tumors. The current research focuses on the two types of tumors: gliomas and meningiomas. The studies performed seek to address a broad range of issues including basic questions of tumor behavior and biology, development of targeted treatments for specific types of tumors, and understanding how overall patient health or environmental exposures may contribute to brain tumor growth. By examining all of these questions in parallel, using a wide variety of experimental methods we hope to get a more comprehensive understanding of how brain tumors are initiated and how to control their growth. It is our belief that ultimately, by taking such a broad approach, we will find the necessary clues that are critical to designing better treatments for brain tumors.