Urology Research Coordinators

The research coordinators help the investigators to conduct successful studies.

They find eligible candidates from the clinic’s schedules and, when agreed by the doctors, they present the study to the patient. When these candidates are difficult to find, they send recruitment pamphlets to other doctors, inside or outside the hospital, and sometimes advertise on the Internet.

They are the primary point of contact for scheduling the research study visits. During these visits, they ask the research subjects to fill questionnaires and bring the subject to the phlebotomy lab, the ECG lab and the pharmacy.

The data collected during the visit are organized in a study binder and then entered into a secured anonymous database. The research coordinators also file the sponsor’s correspondence and the research committees’ approvals.

Introducing the Research Coordinator

Michael Meyers has a background in medical sociology and has worked in healthcare policy research and clinical research for over 8 years. He serves as the research manager for the Urology division.