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News Highlights

August 2015

E:60 -- Carmen: A Survivors Story

Dallas Cowboys tight end Jason Witten is receiving treatment for two sprained ankles and a sprained knee, and it is not certain he will be available for Sunday's home game against the Atlanta Falcons, league sources told ESPN.

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January 2015

World-Leading Surgeons, Scientists and the Organ Preservation Alliance Applaud Defense Department Government Grant Programs Targeting Organ Banking

Department of Defense opens up the first-ever U.S. Government grant programs targeting advances in organ banking for transplants. Birth of a modern day Apollo Program to stop biological time of organs.

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November 2014

Donated arms thrill transplant recipient

In the past month, Will Lautzenheiser has started to learn what it’s like to have arms and hands again. He has gingerly lifted spoonfuls of soup to his mouth and eagerly hugged loved ones. He has been able to do this because the limbs of a stranger have become his own, transplanted during a nine-hour operation in October.

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August 2014

'I'm just happy holding hands with my grandchildren': Irrepressible quadruple amputee, 68, who underwent landmark hand transplant STUNS doctors by learning to play the piano with his new fingers

Richard Mangino was a typical married father-of-three who had worked most of his life at Logan International Airport in Boston as a ground crew director. But in 2002 - aged 55 - after developing kidney stones, he contracted sepsis, a terrible blood stream infection that doctors said would cause his four limbs to decay and inevitably fall off.

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Double hand transplant recipient makes incredible recovery

REVERE, Mass. —A man from Revere is making incredible progress nearly three years after making history as the recipient of the first successful double hand transplant at Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston.

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July 2014

'So Personal': Waiting List Begins for Face, Limb Transplants

A 40-year-old Boston film teacher who lost his arms and legs to a ravaging infection will be among the first patients on a national waiting list that changes the way rare face and limb transplants are allocated in the U.S.

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March 2014

The future of face and hand transplants

Transplant leaders are debating national rules for the distribution of deceased donors’ faces and hands, tackling ethically challenging questions such as which disfigured patients across the country should get priority for these surgeries as they become more common.

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December 2013

Visionaries: For Surgeon, Face Transplants Help Patients Emerge From ‘Social Death’

Our faces are intimately connected to our identities. They show our emotions and help us present ourselves to the world. If you think about your face being destroyed, it’s easy to imagine how your life could fall into darkness. That’s what motivated Dr. Bohdan Pomahac to lead a campaign to do face transplants at Boston’s Brigham and Women’s Hospital.

May 2013

Risky decision saves transplanted face

Face transplant surgeon Bohdan Pomahac stopped by Carmen Blandin Tarleton’s hospital room early one morning in March and pulled a chair close to her bed. Instead of bringing his entire medical team as usual, Pomahac was alone.

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Face transplant recipient's goal: A kiss

(CNN) -- After Carmen Tarleton's estranged husband doused her with industrial-strength lye, doctors saved her life with a medically induced coma and more than 50 surgeries.

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Brigham doctors set sights on leg transplants

Boston surgeons who have successfully transplanted donor faces and hands onto badly disfigured patients are now evaluating several amputees for leg transplants, a highly experimental operation believed to have been done just twice around the world, and never in the United States.

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April 2013

Full-Face Transplant Patient Dallas Wiens Gets Married

Dallas Wiens, the first U.S. man to receive a full face transplant, has married a woman who he met in a burn victims support group.

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April 2012

A year after full face transplant, Dallas Wiens feels almost 'normal'

A year after becoming the first full face transplant in the US, Dallas Wiens has regained his sense of smell and can feel his daughter’s kisses. "I am, as was one of my desires, able to feel my daughter's kisses now, which brought me to tears on more than one occasion," Wiens said Monday during a press conference in Boston with his transplant team of doctors.

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October 2011

Rare Double Hand Transplant Performed at Brigham and Women’s

Brigham and Women’s Hospital announced their first successful double-hand transplant Friday morning. The patient is 65-year old Richard Mangino, a quadruple-amputee from Revere. The grandfather lost parts of his limbs after a contracting sepsis in 2002.

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Hand Transplant Recipient Expresses Joy, Gratitude

"It’s just like you can fly–it’s like having wings.” That’s how 65-year-old Richard Mangino described his bilateral hand transplant during a press conference at BWH Oct. 14. Mangino’s legs below the knees and arms below the elbows were amputated due to a bloodstream infection in 2002. For the past 10 years, he has gone about his daily routine aided by prostheses.

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June 2011

Chimp Attack Victim Gets Face Transplant At Boston Hospital

A Connecticut woman who was mauled and blinded by a berserk chimpanzee has received a new face in the third such operation ever performed in the U.S. and is looking forward to eating hamburgers and pizza again after months of pureed food.

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April 2011

Third face transplant at Brigham

Only a week or so ago, Mitch Hunter received a new face at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in a 14-hour operation requiring a 30-person team. The Indiana man is just the fourth face transplant recipient in the United States, but he is already out of the hospital, recovering in a nearby apartment.

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March 2011

Brigham and Women’s Performs Nations First Full Face Transplant

A Fort Worth man badly burned in an electrical accident received the nation’s first full face transplant last week in Boston at Brigham and Women’s Hospital. A team of more than 30 doctors, nurses and residents worked for more than 15 hours on Dallas Wiens’ new face. They replaced his nose, lips, facial skin, facial muscles and nerves that provide sensation.

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Years of Research Lead to Face Transplant Breakthrough at BWH

How do you perform a surgery that no one has ever done before? That was the question Bohdan Pomahac, MD, asked in 2004 when he began researching face transplantation. He had just signed on to join BWH's Plastic Surgery division and frequently treated patients with head and neck cancers and devastating facial burns, many of whom had no traditional reconstruction option

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