Breast Cancer Personalized Risk Assessment, Education and Prevention Program (B-PREP)

You may be wondering if you are at risk for developing breast cancer. Perhaps your mother or sister had breast cancer and you’re concerned about inheriting the disease. Or, maybe you do not suspect a familial connection but have noticed a change in your breasts and want to be proactive about your health. There is much you can do to educate yourself, reduce your breast cancer risk and catch cancer at its earliest stage.

The Breast Cancer Personalized Risk Assessment, Education and Prevention (B-PREP) Program—a step-by-step, comprehensive and customizable plan of care created by breast cancer specialists at Brigham and Women’s Hospital (BWH)—can help. Our B-PREP Program is available through the Comprehensive Breast Health Center at BWH and enables women and men of all ages, including those with or without a family history of cancer, to take charge of their breast health. Throughout the entire process, our experienced and compassionate doctors, nurses and breast specialists will be by your side, guiding and advising.

By participating in the B-PREP Program, you will gain a better understanding of your breast cancer risk and be more equipped to take preventive action. If a problem does arise, you’ll have a team of experts who know you—ready to step in with the most advanced and proven treatment methods.

Breast Cancer Risk Assessment, Education and Genetic Counseling

Breast Cancer Risk-tailored Screening and Surveillance

Breast Cancer Risk-reducing Strategies, Prevention and Prophylactic Surgery

For more information about your risk for breast or other cancers, visit the Cancer Fact Finder website, which was created by experts in the scientific community to provide accurate and reliable information about what does and does not cause cancer.

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If you are concerned that you are at-risk for breast cancer and would like an in-depth evaluation by our breast cancer specialists in the B-PREP Program, call the Comprehensive Breast Health Center (617) 732-8111. For more information on patient registration or scheduling an appointment with a Breast Specialist please visit our appointment page.

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