Resuming Normal Activities after Breast Surgery

Even though you will soon want to return to your daily activities following breast surgery, there are precautions you should follow depending on your specific situation and the type of surgery that you have had. Before you are discharged from the hospital, your care team will teach you how to care for yourself once you are at home. We encourage you to ask questions and discuss any and all concerns with our staff.

Once you are home, it is best to pace yourself as you return to a daily routine. Even though you may have been told that you can resume normal activities, it is normal to feel tired after surgery and not up to your previous level of activities. You know yourself best and should do what feels comfortable to you.

Be sure to ask for help from family and friends. By taking the time to care for yourself, you will recover much more quickly.

Patient Information

The Brigham and Women’s Hospital breast cancer surgeons have prepared the following information sheets to help you to recover and adjust following your surgery.

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